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Member Benefits:

MoAHQ provides numerous benefits including statewide educational opportunities. MoAHQ sponsors two annual educational conference featuring recognized professionals in the Quality profession. The conference agenda is designed to address the needs of the membership on current events that challenge the health care professional.

At these sessions, as well as through out the year, networking opportunities are available through your fellow members of the organization.  MoAHQ annually recognizes a professional in the field of quality management, who has demonstrated significant accomplishments and contributions in the area of
quality improvement.  To learn more about the Distinguished Quality Professional award click here.  List serve communication tools are available through the MoAHQ Members Only section.


MoAHQ publishes a newsletter three times a year. The format has recently been enhanced to increase the usefulness of the publication. The newsletter is mailed to all current members and archive editions are posted to the website for reference.

National Resource:

The National Association for Healthcare Quality is a membership organization whose mission is to advance the Healthcare Quality Profession leading to positive health outcomes, visit to learn more.

State Affiliation:

MoAHQ is part of the MHA (Missouri Hospital Assocation) through one of its PMG (Personal Membership Group) affiliations. PMG is a membership organization, a majority of whose members are employees of MHA — member institutions or who provide services to the hospital industry. PMG has as its primary goal the creation of educational programs for its members.

MoAHQ Purpose:

  • Provide a statewide professional and educational organization of, and for, healthcare quality professionals.

  • Develop and promote standards for the professional of the organization and to establish and integrate these standards in healthcare quality activities.

  • Encourage, develop and provide timely quality continuing education for all healthcare quality professionals in order to facilitate professional development.

List Serve:

A benefit of being a member of MoAHQ is the availability of the list serve. List serve is an email based communication tool available to all registered MoAHQ members.

How do I Join?

Membership is available to any individual active in the area of quality. The membership application and payment is available online.